How to use the course platform?

1. Login

Paste in your username and password then click the "Log in" button.


2. You are successfully logged in

You can access your purchased courses here, please select the course you wish to study. They will always be available here in the updated versions.


3. Course Content

Once you selected the course, you will be redirected to the Course Content page.

- The course progress bar will show how far you have studied in the course.

- The first Module/Section is the introduction, you can download all course materials and access to our Facebook group.

- Other Modules/Sections, these are lecture or exercise lessons.


4. Let's study!

To study our course, just click on the lesson you wish to study and you will be redirected to the lesson page. When you are at the lesson page, click play on the video to start studying.

Once you have completed the lesson, please don't forget to press the "Mark Completed" button located under the video to save your progress.

Action icons
4.1 Play/pause the video
4.2 Adjust the volume of the video
4.3 Turn on/off the English subtitles
4.4 Adjust the video's quality and the video's speed
4.5 Fullscreen mode


5. Complete the course and get a certificate

Once you have completed the course (The progress bar has reached 100%), a notification will show up at the top of the Course Content. Click on the Download Certificate button to get your certificate.


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